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teachable machine

As AI progresses, the great promise is that these machines alongside of us are able to think, imagine and see things in ways that we never have before. Which means that maybe we have some new, weird, seemingly implausible solution to climate change, maybe we have some radically different approach to dealing with incurable cancers. The real practical and wonderful promise is that machines help us be more creative and using that creativity we get to terrific solutions.

Amy Webb

other use cases...

Bias in AI

The coded gaze reflects the priorities, preferences and prejudices of those who have the power to shape technology

Joy Buolamwini

Scores like this — known as risk assessments — are increasingly common in courtrooms across the nation. They are used to inform decisions about who can be set free at every stage of the criminal justice system, from assigning bond amounts — as is the case in Fort Lauderdale — to even more fundamental decisions about defendants’ freedom. In Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Kentucky, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin, the results of such assessments are given to judges during criminal sentencing."


what are/can we do about it?


Black Health by Bomani Oseni McClendon

feminist dataset

Feminist Data Set by Carolin Sinders

missing dataset

The Library of Missing Datasets by Mimi Ọnụọha

inside the industry

there's not one final outcome of AI, there's a distribution of all possible outcomes. We're in a position right now where we can effect whether it evolves positively, in ways that help people, or in ways that overlook people, in ways that amplify human biases.

Margret Mitchell

how are/can artists use this technology?

AI as Muse


You can use this GPT-2 demo to work with AI as a writing "muse"; it's also worth checking out some of these GPT-3 projects.


You can download a beta of Nvideo Canvas



You can check out various different Magenta projects on their website.

AI as ...artist?

ai art

AI has been able to generate impressive images from "scratch" since at least 2019, but the latest work by midjourney domonstrates just how quickly this field is evolving (serach th #midjourney tag on Twitter and Instagram) for more mind blowing exapmles.

creating your own AI

To train your own models and use them in P5.js (Processing) check out Google's teachable machine tools and the ml5.js library.

Other AI Art Projects