Google "Dorks"

Hackers who do "recon" using "OSINT" (open-source intelligence) techniques, use Google to find all sorts of information and vulnerabilities on the Internet using special search commands known as "Google Dorks". There's a lot we can learn from these hacker's recon methods to improve our own online research.

You can find more examples of the Google operators used to write Google Dorks on this blog pst, and you can check out some of the advanced combos hackers use to construct Google Dorks that specifically search for vulnerabilities on the Internet by viewing the "dorks" files in the source code of the pagodo terminal tool mentioned in the hak5 video above

reseraching "privately"

As we discussed in class, it's important to consider your "threat model" (for online privacy and personal data) when using tools created by corporations with surveillance capitalist business models, don't forget to consider the following when conducting online research:

Other Online Reserach Tools

As you know from having taken Research Studio I, the SAIC library is a great resource. Not only do they have a great collection of materials and a very friendly staff to help you navigate them, but they are also your connection to various other libraries and institutions throughout the state (via I-Share). That said, there are other online tools available to you on the web which can help in your research, here are some tools/things to consider: