What is Code?


Complete the first netnet tutorial: What Is Code? (18 mins). In addition to orienting you to the studio (ie. the netnet website), in this lesson we'll cover what code is from both a technical perspective but also a conceptual one. Like all human languages, coding languages are multipurpose. In the same way that the English language can be used to write history, laws, love letters or poems, coding languages can be used to express more than just software. Here we'll introduce the particular creative and experimental vector view that we'll be approaching code from throughout these tutorials.

Then take some time to practice coding in netnet. Copy the code from the example below into your own netnet sketch. Most of what I covered in the class intro to netnet's code editor is also documented in these notes.

example code

If you copied the code above successfully you should see something like this:

example output

Once you've done that, take some time to remix this sketch, experiment with the code in the editor and make a few changes to it. When you're finished experimenting "share" your sketch with me by asking netnet for a share link for you to submit on the class canvas assignment.

Make sure you don't have any errors (noted by the colored dots next to the line numbers in netnet's editor), if you do click on the dot to ask netnet for help, and address the error before submitting your assignment.